Ball made with sphere magnets

Step-by-step instructions for a ball made of magnetic spheres
Author: D.G., Bauma, Switzerland

Shape magnetic spheres into a ball

I've owned a magnetic sphere set for some time now and I managed to build several sculptures and structures. Here, I'd like to show how you can build a magnetic sphere (ball) from triangles. You need either:

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Shape 6 spheres into a circle.
  2. Grasp the cirlcle in two places and squeeze it to create a triangle.
  3. Put together 20 of these triangles.
  4. Combine 10 of these triangels respecitely as depicted.
  5. Connect the two formations.
  6. Carefully shape it into a ball (see video).
And here another suggestion for future artists ;-)

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