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Beverage cartons as Christmas tealight holders

Upcycling beverage cartons into stylish Christmas decorations
Author: M. Flück, Winterthur, Switzerland
Online since: 02/12/2022, Number of visits: 17597
Are you looking for an affordable arts and crafts project for your Christmas decorations? I turned beverage cartons into festive tealight holders to brighten the Christmas season. The candle holders look like festive little houses. Their windows are lit from the inside by a tealight and create a cosy atmosphere with the glow of the candles.

I used self-adhesive blackboard sheet to cover the tealight holder. It can be decorated with chalk pens to suit your taste. You can even add kind messages, especially if you involve your children in the making of these little works of art and give them as gifts to friends and family.
Table of Contents

Materials needed

Draw the windows on the blackboard film and cut out

First, I thoroughly rinsed the beverage carton with water and let it dry.

Next, I laid the drinks packaging on the blackboard film and outlined each of the four sides on the sheet. This served as a guide to draw the windows onto what would later become the walls of my little house. With a pair of sharp scissors, I then cut the windows and doors out of the blackboard film.

Note from the supermagnete team: We carry the self-adhesive blackboard film as a 40 x 40 cm sheet and as a 1 x 5 m roll.

Attach the blackboard film to the beverage carton

I glued the blackboard film onto the beverage carton. This worked really well since the blackboard film is self-adhesive. If necessary, you could add a little craft glue.

The cut-out windows in the blackboard film served as an easy template to cut the same shapes from the beverage carton with a pair of sharp scissors.

Decorate the beverage carton with chalk pens

Now it was time to decorate the blackboard film, i.e. the walls of my little house, using a chalk pen. Since my carton was brown on the inside, I decided on a gold-coloured pen. A white or silver colour would also look great. Let your creative juices flow; the more detailed the embellishment, the more refined the end result.

Note from the supermagnete team: Since you are using a chalk pen, any "mistakes" can easily be corrected with some whiteboard cleaner or a similar spray. It also makes it possible to give your tealight holders a new look whenever you want some change.

Finish the tealight holder with acrylic paint

My carton had a white top that didn’t match my black chalkboard sheet, so I painted that part with black acrylic paint. I also painted the bottom of the carton black, which brings out the glow of the tealight even more. Then I let the finished tealight holder dry really well before it was allowed to spread its Christmas magic.

Tip: Because the blackboard film is ferromagnetic, you can use a small decorative magnet to easily attach a greeting card to the tealight holder when you want to give it as a gift.

Paired with other Christmas decorations, the tealight holders evoke a cosy feeling during the dark winter months. I recommend the use of battery-operated tealights. They prevent excessive heat build-up inside the tealight holder, and the cardboard won’t catch fire. This is especially true for small beverage cartons. Have fun making your own tealight holder.

Inspiration for all things Christmas

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