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Birth announcement cards

Two creative ways to use magnets
Author: Fabian Frei, Herrliberg, [email protected]
Online since: 13/12/2007, Number of visits: 130309
I used a lasered and engraved star for the birth announcement card of Stella Amanda Frei.
The stars were cut from 1.5 mm chrome steel sheets and are therefore rust-resistant. Thanks to the thin materials they can easily be sent by mail and then be used on the refrigerator.
To glue the magnet S-10-01-N to the back of the star, we used the UHU adhesive delivered by supermagnete. Self-adhesive magnets could be used as an alternative.
A ring washer was used as the counterpart. This way, the magnet attaches easily to the birth announcement card and can be removed at any time.
Additional comment from customer Mathieu Vanbeneden, Nivelles (Belgium):
We like to display birth announcements on our refrigerator door, using a magnet. So, when our daughter was born, we decided to make a magnetic announcement. That’s how we found your website.
We ordered small Q-CDM48-G blocks, which are very thin and lightweight but can still hold the entire birth announcement card. The entire card weighs about 50 grams and consists of one A4 sheet, one A6 sheet (in which the magnet is hidden) and a wax seal.
First, we had our chosen text printed on the A4 sheet, leaving a blank space in the middle of the paper large enough for the A6 sheet. Next, we glued a magnet on each A4 sheet. It is important, that the magnet is placed exactly in the centre, or else the announcement will hang crooked. Also, be careful that the glue does not saturate the paper to avoid leaving stains. As an alternative to glue, self-adhesive magnets can be used, which saves a lot of work.
We prepared and shaped the wax seal on a silicone baking mat before glueing it onto the birth announcement. We then folded the A4 paper and closed the upper fold with non-permanent Pritt glue. This allows for the announcement to be opened easily without destroying the seal.
When our little one was born, we printed the relevant information on the A6 sheet and, using permanent Pritt glue, glued it in the centre of the A4 sheet, covering the magnet. And with that, the birth announcement card was complete.
The practical side: With the exception of the A6 sheet, we were able to prepare everything in advance. It kept us busy every evening for one week.
One small disadvantage: The magnet we used is a little bit too strong and the cards kept sticking together. But it was no problem to separate them and it did not damage the cards.
A note from the supermagnete team: If you would like to send these birth announcement cards by mail please make sure you refer to our FAQ about postal shipping.

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