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Halloween magnets made of felt

Craft spooky Halloween decorations from felt
Author: M. Müller, Uster, Switzerland
Online since: 29/09/2022, Number of visits: 19264
Halloween is getting downright spooky! Not only are there monsters lurking in the streets but, as Halloween magnets made of felt, they are now also sneaking into my kitchen and onto the magnetic board in the office. I still had a lot of craft felt fabric on hand, which is great for Halloween-themed arts and crafts. I picked the following Halloween motifs for my project: pumpkins, ghosts, witch hats, bats and black cats. If you want, you can also make felt Halloween magnets in the shape of spiders, mummy heads, skulls or Frankenstein’s monster. I will show you how to make these fantastic felt Halloween decorations yourself.

For my craft idea of using felt for Halloween, I needed the following materials:

Cut out the characters and glue them together

First, you need to cut out all the different pieces. For the more complex motifs for my felt Halloween magnets, I used templates and traced the outlines.
Once I had all the individual pieces of my spooky future flatmates, I used a glue stick to glue the felt together for the finished characters. Afterwards, I let the felt monsters dry overnight.
My tip: Using regular scissors, I had a hard time cutting out the eyes and other small details of these felt Halloween magnets, so I resorted to a pair of nail scissors. If you have foam rubber lying around the house, it is also suitable for crafting spooky decorative magnets.

Glue on the magnets

Though supernatural beings often hang on by themselves, my monsters still needed a little help from magnets to be able to cling to the fridge or my magnetic board.
I placed the felt pieces on the adhesive side of the self-adhesive magnetic sheet and cut them out. You could, of course, simply cut out squares and stick them to the back of the characters. Lastly, I firmly pressed on all the pieces one more time. And with that, my Halloween magnets made of felt were done.
Please note: The advantage of the magnetic sheet is that the magnetic force does not act on just one single point but is instead distributed over the entire piece. I only recommend disc magnets for small motifs, so you don’t tear off the felt when removing them.

Note from the supermagnete team:
If you would like to use disc magnets made of neodymium, make sure you choose magnets with a medium to light adhesive force when making your selection. Type S-12-01-N neodymium disc magnets are well suited for this purpose.

Other craft ideas for a spooky good time

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