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Lumberjack help

Why super magnets are useful even for wood work
Author: Kristian Ukkola, Vaala, Finland
Online since: 02/06/2009, Number of visits: 146030
My father uses one of your magnets for wood work in the forest. A large W-12-N cube magnet helps him attach different tools directly on his cart. It is important that the tools stay on tightly, so they won't come off even when the cart drives over uneven terrain.

For this purpose, magnets are much more suitable than hooks and such, because they come off too easily and get lost.
Of course, this requires a thick enough even metal surface so the magnet holds securely.
Note from the supermagnete team:
  • Our magnets are designed for dry indoor use. After longer outdoor use they will start to rust and thereby lose their adhesive force.
  • For such an application, we rather recommend the block Q-20-20-10-N since it has an even higher adhesive force than our cubes.

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