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magnetic cellphone mount, to attach at the ventilation
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This practical magnetic cell phone mount makes it easy to attach your smart phone in the car.
  • Easy & quick: Simply attach your phone to the mount and remove it when you get out of the car.
  • Secure hold: The magnet in the mount secures your phone while driving, even during curvy and bumpy rides.
  • Simple set up: The magnetic mount is easily attached to the air vent. It does not impact your line of vision.
  • All-purpose: The magnetic mount for the car is suitable for cell phones and smart phones of all sizes.
  • Flexible: If you position the metal disc in the middle of your cell phone, you can attach the phone horizontally or vertically.

Included in delivery:
1 magnetic mount (front side rubberised), 1 small round self-adhesive metal disc, 1 large angular metal disc with glue dot, 1 adhesive foil.
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Technical data

Article ID M-VM-01
Material NdFeB
Diameter 33 mm
Height 33 mm
Accessories Metal Plate (self-adhesive)
Weight 50 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Simple set up: First, attach magnetic mount to air vent.

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Then, attach one of the metal discs on the smart phone. Several locations are suitable:

  • Back side of the phone

  • Inside the phone (invisible between battery and cover)

  • Outside of cell phone cover

  • Inside of cell phone cover (invisible)

Attaching it to the inside of the cell phone cover is a very elegant solution since the metal disc is inconspicuous. Attention: The cover must not be too thick, otherwise the phone will not adhere properly
Now, the smart phone can be safely attached to the magnetic mount. If you position the metal disc in the middle of the phone, you may attach the phone horizontally or vertically.

Attention: Before you start driving, check if the phone is properly secured on the mount.