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L-plate for student driver vehicles

magnetic learner plate

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The 16 x 16 cm magnetic L-plate can be quickly attached to the car, thanks to its magnetic backing. It eliminates the need for cumbersome mounting with suction cups or even sticky tape. And, after the student driver ends his or her drive, the magnetic sign can be removed just as quickly.

The blue learner plate must be mounted vertically and clearly visible on the back of the vehicle. Before attaching the sign, please make absolutely sure, that the car paint in your chosen spot is clean and dry. Dirt could, in some cases, prevent solid adhesion of the magnetic L-plate and lead to scratches in the paint. You can use the magnetic sign in the rain but remove it after your journey and wipe it dry with a cloth.

Technical data

Height160 mm
Width160 mm
Thickness0.5 mm
Strength43 g/cm²
Weight47 g