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Number plate holder 'Perfect Click' portrait format

magnetic number plate holder, for number plates in portrait format, 1 set for outfitting 2 cars

Item number LP-CHCAR2H/aluminium
Unit of Sale 1 set
Brand: Perfect Click
1 set 355.00 CHF/set
incl. VAT plus shipping

355.00 CHF

incl. VAT plus shipping

promptly deliverable

Available: 43 sets

Delivery time: 1-2 business days

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With the magnetic “Perfect Click” holder for interchangeable number plates, your registration plate can be attached and taken off in seconds. The secret lies in the integrated super magnets which guarantee a secure hold of the plate holder up to the maximum speeds allowed on Swiss roads. The number plate holder is manufactured in Switzerland using high-quality sturdy materials. One “Perfect Click” set can outfit two cars.

This magnetic holder for interchangeable number plates is suitable for front plates measuring 30 x 8 cm and for rear plates in portrait format measuring 30 x 16 cm. Compatible spare parts are linked below. You can see how easy it is to mount the “Perfect Click” in the video posted below.

You will find answers to frequently asked questions below under “Additional features and tips”.

Please note: Before placing your order, make sure the dimensions of the holding plate match the equipment on your vehicle. Regularly clean the frame and holding plates to remove dirt and salt residue. We also recommend that you dry the magnets after they were exposed to moisture. This will protect them from corrosion and prevent loss of their magnetic force. We would also like to point out that two of the magnet holes in the rear frame are empty because otherwise, the number plate would adhere too firmly to the interchangeable number plate holder.

Included in the delivery of the "Perfect Click" holder for interchangeable number plates:

  • 2 x holding plates front
  • 1 x plate frame aluminium (black anodised) front
  • 1 x interior part front with magnetic strip
  • 2 x holding plates back
  • 1 x plate frame aluminium (black anodised) back
  • 1 x interior part back with magnetic strip
  • 8 x rubber buffers
  • 1 x hexagonal wrench
  • 1 x mounting instructions (PDF in German, French and Italian)

Please note

Please use rust-proof screws with flat heads for installation. Screws that are too long can impair the adhesion of the magnets and cause the interchangeable number plate holder to fall off.

Technical data

Article ID LP-CHCAR2H/aluminium
EAN 0611034920006
Perfect Click
Made in Switzerland
Material Aluminium
Size 2 Lines
Compatible with CH licence tag 29.9 x 16 cm
Weight 2.4 kg/set


Commonly asked questions about Perfect Click

Will the number plates stay in place at the car wash?
The number plate holders usually withstand going through the car wash. However, depending on the type of car wash, this can not be guaranteed. Wipe the magnets dry afterwards to protect them from corrosion.

Does the number plate holder stay put even at high speeds?
The adhesive force of the magnets is sufficient for speed limits on Swiss roads. Perfect Click does not give a guarantee for speeds higher than that.
Why are there no screws included in the delivery?
Because many car models don’t have standardised hole sizes for holding plates. Make sure to use stainless steel bolts.

Why does my number plate suddenly have round black spots?
The magnets behind the number plate attract ferromagnetic particles from the air. This can cause black "spots" on the number plate in places where the plate rests on the magnets. These particles are easy to remove by simply wiping the plate clean.

How do I best care for the number plate holder?
Clean it regularly with a soft cloth and a standard soap-based cleaner to remove dirt and salt residue.

Why does the rear frame have two empty magnet holes?
If there were magnets built into all holes, the hold of number plates would be excessive.

What are the dimensions of the screw notches in the mounting plate?
To see whether the interchangeable number plate holder is compatible with the equipment on your vehicle, you can find the measurements for the slots in the holding plate here:

Mounting plate for interchangeable number plate holder 'Perfect Click' landscape format
Mounting plate for interchangeable number plate holder 'Perfect Click' portrait format

Good to know:
Perfect Click is manufactured and packaged by people with disabilities at altra schaffhausen. You will be buying a Swiss quality product and, at the same time, support the safeguarding of protected workplaces.

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