Disc magnet Ø 20 mm, height 10 mm

Neodymium, N42, nickel-plated
promptly deliverable


With this disc magnet you're definitely getting the most magnet power per francs! Wow! And that at a very good price. No wonder it's one of our magnet bestsellers: We already sold more than 1'600'000 of it! We think the expression "Wow" should be used sparingly - but sometimes it just has to be said.
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Technical data

Article ID S-20-10-N
EAN 7640155438124
Material NdFeB
Shape Disc
Diameter 20 mm
Height 10 mm
Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to height)
Coating Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation N42
Strength approx. 11 kg (approx. 108 N)
Max. working temperature 80°C
Weight 24 g
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Additional features and tips

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Adhesive force in relation to the air gap between magnet and steel plate.

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This disc magnet is especially suitable for making your own knife racks.
45 mm of books in between...
Of course it's totally useless - but if you needed to attach a pile of 50 sheets of A4 paper (80g/m2) to a metal cabinet - you could.
Uster - 21:00- And my magnet is still holding!
The disc magnet S-20-10-N (20x10 mm) can hold approximately 1.75 kg in shear direction, then the steel plate starts sliding down.
If you place a rubber tape between magnet and steel plate, the disc magnet can hold approximately 5.2 kg in shear force; then it starts to slide down.
With a self-adhesive silicone disc between magnet and steel plate (invisible because it has the same diameter as the disc and is only 0.5 mm thin) the disc magnet can hold over 5 kg in shear direction; then it starts to slide down.