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Questions about shipping & delivery

Table of Contents

Which countries does supermagnete.ch deliver to?

We deliver to customers in almost all European countries. Shipping costs and delivery times can be found in our delivery terms. You also have the option to view delivery terms of other countries.
Unfortunately, there are some countries in Europe we cannot deliver to since packages would have to be airfreighted. We also don’t ship to countries outside of Europe, because the same applies there too. Magnets are considered dangerous goods in air cargo and can only be transported on planes after extensive shielding efforts and elaborate measurements of the remaining magnetic fields. Since we are not able to carry out those measurements at this point, we refrain from delivery to certain countries. For more details on this subject please refer to the section airfreight.

How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs depend on the delivery country. Further information can be found in our delivery terms.

When do I get my order / What are the delivery times?

Details about delivery times can be found in our delivery terms.
With your order confirmation you receive an email link to the status of your order that enables you to follow your order internally (payment received, et.) and externally (shipping status).

Can I pick up the magnets I ordered from you?

We have only a few magnet samples in our offices and our warehouse is managed by an external logistics company. Therefore, it is not possible for you to personally pick up your order.

Do you also deliver cash on delivery?

Due to the high costs involved in COD, we currently do not offer this method of payment.