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What does coercive field strength mean?

Coercive field strength Hc describes the force that is necessary to completely demagnetise a magnet. Simply said: the higher this number is, the better a magnet retains its magnetism when exposed to an opposing magnetic field.
There are differences between the coercive field strength bHc of flux density and the coercive field strength jHc of polarisation. If a magnet is exposed to a demagnetising field strength of bHc, the magnetic flux density in the magnet disappears. The magnet itself is still magnetic, but the flux density that the magnet generated is contrarily exactly the same size as the flux density of the demagnetised field, so that the two cancel each other out. The magnet only loses its magnetic polarisation, and thus its total magnetism, by a demagnetising field strength of jHc.
The standard unit of measurement used for a magnetic field strength is A/m (Ampere per metre). You will also often see the old standard measurement, Oe (Oersted).
You can find the coercive field strength of our magnets in the the physical magnet data table.