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Which is the strongest magnet in your shop?

Below we compiled a list of the 10 strongest magnets in our online shop. There is a reason why these magnets are also called power magnets or even killer magnets.
Table of Contents

Top 10 of our strongest magnets

It is this one: a winner all around! With an incredible adhesive force of 200 kg, the MONOLITH is not only the strongest magnet in our shop; with its elegant coating, it is undeniably also the most beautiful magnet in our assortment. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or magnet pro, when handling this super magnet, the following holds true: full concentration and protective gloves are mandatory!

By the way, the MONOLITH shares the podium with the Fishing magnet 200.

With its tremendous adhesive force of 180 kg, the pot magnet CSN-ES-66 is indeed “only” the second-strongest magnet in our assortment. But beware: This magnet is definitely not suitable for beginners! It has a thicker steel pot than conventional pot magnets and thus achieves a higher adhesive force. It can be mounted with a countersunk screw and is often used in industry, mechanical engineering, exhibition stand construction, furniture manufacturing or retail.

In 3rd place follows the huge magnet GOLIATH. This neodymium block magnet with its adhesive force of 150 kg offers the magnet enthusiast everything he or she could wish for. Nevertheless, gloves and protective eyewear are a must when handling this strong magnet. Our customer service team member Fausto proves that you can be safe and still look good.

The disc magnet S-70-35-N is a true heavyweight in every respect. It is the largest, strongest and with a weight of 1 kg by far also the heaviest disc magnet in our assortment. Because of that, and because of an insane adhesive force of 140 kg, it ranks 4th.

Fifth place is shared by no less than 5 strong pot magnets:
  • The simple pot magnet FGN-60 is glued into indentations.
  • Items can be hung on BD-FTN-75, thanks to its hook.
  • With its threaded stud, GTN-60 can be screwed to equipment and casings.
  • Hooks, L-hooks or eyes can be screwed into the threaded socket of the TCN-75.
  • CSN-60 has a countersunk hole and can be attached with a countersunk screw. This one is the most popular with our customers among these 5 pot magnets.
Buy the CSN-60

Ring magnet R-60-06-30-N clearly sets itself apart from the other ring magnets in our shop. It is much heavier and most of all has an incredible adhesive force of 120 kg. This strong magnet is especially popular with people who fish with magnets. Simply attach a rope and you are ready to fish. Good luck!

Once again we find pot magnets share a ranking in our Top 10. With a strong adhesive force of 110 kg, the pot magnet with screw socket TCN-63 and the hook magnet BD-FTN-63 both come in 7th place. The latter is slightly more popular with our customers, most likely because it makes it easy to hang items on ferromagnetic surfaces.

Even though by now it is not enough for a spot on the podium, the DEATH MAGNET is definitely a classic; because this legendary magnet is among the absolute top sellers in our online shop. It shares its position in the ranking with the equally strong fishing magnet 100. Even though these two powerhouses “only” rank in 8th place, here too the rule is: Be careful when you handle them.

The ZTN-60 is the strongest pot magnet with a counterbore hole in our shop. It can be mounted as needed, using regular screws. However, its adhesive force of 95 kg, only takes full effect when it is positioned flush against a thick iron surface.

This pot magnet is reliable. Thanks to its M8 internal thread, this strong magnet can be screwed together with objects that have a matching thread. The ITN-60 holds the heaviest loads when mounted to a ceiling. If it is mounted to a wall, on the other hand, you will have to take the displacement force into account. This means: The magnet will only hold about 15% of the stated adhesive force.

Table for your own research: Didn't find the right neodymium magnet yet? The neodymium magnets data table allows you to sort the magnets by adhesive force (or any other criterion). You can also find an extended list of big and powerful magnets in our large magnets theme category.
Don't miss the following videos if you want to see our two magnets MONOLITH and GOLIATH in action. We’ll show you how easy it is to smash different objects with these strong magnets.

Information about adhesive force

All adhesive force indications are maximum values, which can only be achieved under ideal conditions. Please also read our other FAQ pages:

Safety information

The neodymium magnets mentioned here are extremely strong and definitely not a toy. The following applies: The stronger the magnet, the higher the risk of injury. Before handling these magnets, please read and always follow our detailed safety tips.