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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which magnets are suitable for magnetic name tags?

Table of Contents

Ready-to-go magnetic name tags

For professional-looking magnetic name tags we recommend our ready-to-go products that you can buy in our online shop:
  • Name tag set
  • Name tag with card holder (in the picture)
  • Name tag blank cards

Making magnetic name tags yourself

Large private parties such as weddings often need name tags. Many people want to make sure not to ruin their festive clothing with safety pins. Also, you might want to have a hand in designing the name tags and not just buy off-the-shelf products. There is a solution to design your own name tags and attach them with strong disc magnets.
Attention: People with pacemakers must not use these magnetic name tags under any circumstances!

Name tags with self-adhesive magnets

You always need 2 disc magnets per name tag.
First stick a self-adhesive magnetic disc 10 x 1 mm centered on the backside of your home-made name tag. As a counterpart you need to put a magnetic disc 10 x 2 mm or 10 x 3 mm on the inside of your clothing.
Special cases:
  • For heavy or large name tags you should use two magnets per name tag (one on the left, one on the right) to be on the safe side.
  • The thin self-adhesive disc does not work so well on heavy clothing (e.g. winter coat). In that case we recommend using the self-adhesive magnetic disc 20 x 2 mm and the S-20-02-N disc as counterpart.

Name tags with normal disc magnets

You always need 2 disc magnets per name tag. You can use two magnets of the same size and glue one to the name tag.
Generally, we recommend the disc magnets 10x2 mm or 10x3 mm. The 2 mm thick discs work well on thin summer clothing, the 3 mm thick ones more on heavier material, e.g a jacket. For even heavier clothing we recommend the thicker disc magnets 10x5 mm.