strong fridge magnets, set of 4
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Instead of looking for a four-leaf clover in the meadows, we have an elegant solution for you: Magnetic shamrocks that don't wither but hold on to your notes.
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-68
EAN 7640145467882
Strength approx. 850 g (approx. 8.34 N)
Quantity per set 4 pieces
Sticks to whiteboard 9 A4 sheets
Brand Trendform
Colour Green
Weight 27 g/set

Additional features and tips

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Thanks to the strong neodymium magnet, each shamrock can hold up to 9 DIN-A-4 sheets on a metal surface.

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With a counter-magnet (e.g. a small disc magnet S-06-02-N) you can even use the shamrocks as gift decoration.