fridge magnets with symbols, set of 4, "cats"
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Emojis stem from the Japanese language, whereas the 'e' stands for picture and 'moji' for letter, and are part of our daily communication. If it is a coincidence that it can be connected to the Latin 'Emotion' is anyone's guess. Bottom line: They are the simplest way to express your emotions in written text messages - and using them is just plain fun.
Now you can add these universally understood symbols to your magnetic wall. Emoji magnets are available in sets of 4 in various themes...
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-82/cats
EAN 7640161868700
Strength approx. 500 g (approx. 4.9 N)
Diameter D 25 mm
Quantity per set 4 pieces
Sticks to whiteboard 8 sheets
Brand Trendform
Motif Cats
Weight 39 g/set

Additional features and tips

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... Love ...

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... Monkeys ...
... Cats ...
... and the popular smileys.
There is a neodymium magnet on the backside of the synthetic resin discs, which provides a respectable adhesive force.
An individual Emoji magnet has a diameter of 25 mm.
Organised by themes:

Emoji magnets are delivered in a set of 4.
These are original licensed products.