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Fridge magnets 'African animals'

magnetic mini animals made from old tin cans, sale profits go to Children's Aid Madagascar (Kinderhilfe Madagaskar)

Item number MANI-01
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Just like the MadagasCAR vehicles, these “African animals” are also manufactured in Madagascar. Skilful craftsmanship turns old tin cans into true works of art in the form of small elephants, giraffes, lions, rhinos and zebras. A strong rod magnet is attached to the belly of each animal magnet, allowing these little magnetic creatures to securely attach to metal surfaces and dependably look after your photos or notes. Each magnet is slightly different – based on the type of tin or can used. Please keep in mind that we are unable to accommodate any specific colour requests.

By purchasing one of these one-of-a-kind pieces, you support two good causes:

First of all, we pay a fair price for the little piece of art that is considerably above the local standard trade price. In addition to fair wages, the workers and their families receive medical and accident insurance. This is a valuable add-on for workers in Madagascar.

Secondly, our profit from selling these little works of art will be donated to the children's aid project «Kinderhilfe Madagaskar - Zaza malagasy», which helps finance schools in rural areas of Madagascar.
Supermagnete also provides the magnets, packaging and brochures (included) for this article free of charge, so in the end, the entire sales price goes to Madagascar.

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Article ID MANI-01
Weight 30 g

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