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These beautiful little vehicles (cars, scooters, motorcycles, and bikes), planes and helicopters are manufactured in Madagascar. Handy craftsmen make them with lots of love and creativity out of old tin cans. By purchasing one of those one of a kind pieces, you support two good causes:

First of all, we pay a fair price for the little piece of art that is considerably above the local standard trade price. In addition to fair wages the workers and their families receive medical and accident insurance. This is a valuable add-on for workers in Madagascar.

Secondly, our profit from selling these little works of art will be donated to the project «Kinderhilfe Madagaskar - Zaza malagasy», which helps finance schools in rural areas of Madagascar.
Supermagnete provides the magnets, packaging and brochures (included) for this article free of charge, so in the end the entire sales price goes to Madagascar.
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Technical data

Article ID MCAR-01/car
EAN 7640155434195
Version Car
Weight 30 g

Additional features and tips

The film shows how the cars and planes are manufactured in Madagascar with simple means and resources. You can imagine how long it takes to make such a car or plane.

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Each vehicle looks different - depending on which tin can was used.

Please note that you receive a randomly selected vehicle. We cannot consider any colour preferences.
All vehicles have a super magnet glued to the bottom side. This way, you can use a MadagasCAR to hang up postcards or place the little works of art on metal surfaces.
The little one of a kind pieces are delivered in a transparent gift box.

We think this makes for a meaningful and original customer gift.
With each MadagasCAR you receive a 12-page brochure with pictures.

Here is a preview as PDF download.
A whole fleet of little Citroën 2CVs is waiting for a new home!
Each plane is one of a kind.
Wheels and propellers are revolving.
A few impressions from the workshop in Madagascar.
The tin pieces are cleaned, cut, shaped with hammer and pliers and soldered.
Here you can see a plane body being formed.
The purchase of the tiny vehicles was carried out by the company MIDOBODOBOKA, which specialises in the distribution of fair trade products from Madagascar. They financed and built a new workshop for the production of these MadagasCAR articles. Approx. 30 workers were trained for that purpose.
Concentration is key
The proceeds from the sale of the little cars and planes go to the project «Kinderhilfe Madagaskar - Zaza malagasy».

The project is lead by two Swiss kindergarten teachers.

None of the donations are used for administration; 100% of them benefit the children. Regular trips to Madagascar are financed by the initiators themselves.
You can find more information on these projects on the website «Kinderhilfe Madagaskar - Zaza malagasy».
Your purchase helps better the lives of other people. Thank you!

In 2013, we have sold approx. 1'200 tin cars and planes from Madagascar. Hence, at the end of 2013, we donated 8'400 Swiss francs to the relief organization «Zaza malagasy» (7 francs per car or plane. Another 5.50 francs per article went to the producer in Madagascar).

We have since expanded the MadagasCAR vehicle selection by many cars, planes, motorcycles, bicycles, helicopters, and mofas.

The following donations were transferred to the foundation:

2014: 9'100 Swiss francs
2017: 5'000 Swiss francs

Here is the Thank You letter from Zaza Malagasy (265 KB) (in German) for the first donation.