Magnetic words

words, syllables and punctuation marks, 510 pieces, available in various languages
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A set of magnetic words contains 510 pieces: Words, syllables and punctuation marks.
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Technical data

Article ID LIV-47
Weight 290 g/set

Additional features and tips

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These packages are full of poetry! Or at least the tools for it:

510 magnets with words, syllables and punctuation marks.

The magnetic words are available in five languages: German, English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

The set comes in a flap cardboard box in the practical CD format.

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The words, syllables and punctuation marks are printed on magnetic sheet. The type size is big enough for easy legibility, but small enough to make sentences on your refrigerator without taking up the whole space.
The magnetic words come on whole sheets with perforation marks. You just need to break them apart.

While doing that you get a first glimpse of the myriad of words and you can think about meaningful or less meaningful creations you can come up with. You can review a list of all the words here.
Creativity is key!

Poems, absurd word creations or simple messages for roommates: The possibilities are endless.

The so-called "fridge poetry" is also a nice idea for passing the time with your guests. The more people work on it, the more fun it is.
The magnetic words are primarily entertainment and not intended for hanging up notes and pictures.

But as a team, two or three magnetic words can hold a postcard. At the same time they can be used as commentary.
The magnetic words can be used on magnetic paint.