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Metal disc self-adhesive Ø 10 mm

as a counterpart to magnets, not a magnet!

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These zinc-coated metal discs are suitable as surfaces for our magnets, e.g. disc or hook magnets. Thanks to the adhesive foil on the backside, they can easily be glued to smooth surfaces. Please review the FAQ about self-adhesive articles.

Technical data

Article IDPAS-10
Diameter D10 mm
Height H2 mm
CoatingZinc (Zn)
Tolerance+/- 0,1 mm
Adhesive3M, No. 9888T
Shelf life adhesive12 months (approx.)
Weight1.2 g
PDF data sheet
Hanging up posters the easy way: Just glue a metal disc to the wall and attach the poster with a disc magnet of appropriate size (find it under "Accessories).
Combination of self-adhesive metal disc with a hook magnet of appropriate size (find it under "Accessories").
And there you have a simple and very discreet key hook.
A discreet combination of FTN-10 and a zinc-coated metal disc.

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