Number plate holder "Perfect Click" portrait format

magnetic number plate holder, for cars in Switzerland, 2 lines
promptly deliverable


In Switzerland, you can have two cars registered to the same number. Changing plates and mounting them on different cars may turn out to be difficult.
"Perfect Click" is a magnetic number plate holder that makes the mounting of the same plate in portrait format on two cars a breeze. The integrated super magnets guarantee a secure hold up to the allowed maximum speed on Swiss streets. Compatible spare parts are linked below. This number plate holder is suitable for front number plates measuring 30 x 8 cm and for rear number plates measuring 30 x 16 cm.

Included in the delivery:
  • 2 x holding plates front
  • 1 x plate frame aluminium front
  • 1 x interior part front with magnetic strip
  • 2 x holding plates back
  • 1 x plate frame aluminium back
  • 1 x interior part back with magnetic strip
  • 8 x Gummipuffer
  • 1 x hexabonal wrench
  • 1 x mounting instructions
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Technical data

Article ID LP-CHCAR2H/aluminium
EAN 0611034920006
Brand Perfect Click
Material Aluminium
Size 2 Lines
Compatible with CH licence tag 29.9 x 16 cm
Colour Black
Weight 2.4 kg/set

Additional features and tips

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Mounting is simple:

Screw on the holding plates front and back. Attach the rubber buffers between plates and bumper bar.

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Now you can attach the interchangeable frame to the holding plates on the car. The magnets adhere strongly on the iron holding plates all the way through the mounting plate.
Insert the control plate with the number facing down into the frame.