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Magnetic tape, magnetic adhesive tape, magnetic sheet & magnetic signs

We carry magnetic tape and sheet in different lengths, widths, sizes and colours. You can also find magnetic frames and magnetic labels (C-profiles) as well as self-adhesive magnetic tape and sheet in our assortment. That makes organizing and tidying up easy. Just cut out the desired size/format, label or print on it and attach it to ferromagnetic surfaces. This way you'll always know where to find what, e.g. in a storage facility. In addition, these products work well for presentations or invisible attachments.
  • Cut & label it yourself
  • Different sizes, widths & colours
  • Universal attachment possibilities
Magnetic tape coloured
To cut out and write on
Magnetic adhesive tape
Flexible attachment solutions
Magnetic sheets
To glue, tinker and plan
Magnetic labels
For labelling metal shelves
The invisible photo hanger


After cutting your magnetic tape or sheet with standard scissors to the desired shape, you can label it with a pencil, pen or waterproof marker. You can also print on these articles using screen or digital print.

Application areas


All articles that you find here are made of pulverised strontium ferrite embedded in a flexible plastic. To achieve a good adhesive force at direct contact with ferromagnetic surfaces, the magnetisation is lamellar (north and south pole alternate in close proximity). Most of these articles are anisotropic, which enhances their adhesive force.
When attaching these products, make sure that the surface is even, and that they make full contact. Before you start using them, please review our FAQs about these products .