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Speed cube 4x4

WuQue Mini M by QiYi, magnetic

Article ID TG-CUBE-02
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For those looking for an even bigger challenge than the 3x3 cube, we offer this 4x4 speed cube. Let us introduce you to the WuQue Mini M by QiYi. “Mini” because it has slightly shorter sides and weighs less than the regular WuQue 4x4, allowing for more comfortable handling.
Magnets on the inside of this speed cube provide better accuracy when solving the puzzle. Corner cutting is easily possible, as is usually the case with QiYi products. The WuQue Mini M is perfect for speedcubers and beginners who love a challenge.

Technical data

Article ID TG-CUBE-02
EAN 6948154220162
Length 60 mm
Material ABS
Suitable for 4 years
Weight 140 g