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Chalkboard varnish magnetic

to spray on, for a magnetic area of 0.5 m², black

Item number M-BP-SPRAY/black
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The magnetic spray-on blackboard! The blackboard lacquer "Click & Write" by DUPLI-COLOR is a practical ferromagnetic blackboard spray paint. After spraying a surface with the magnetic blackboard paint, you can write on it with chalk and wipe it clean with water, just like a regular blackboard. The iron particles in the spray also allow you to attach magnets.
With a 500 ml can of magnetic blackboard paint, you can treat an area of 1.8–2.0 m² (single coat). However, at this point magnets will barely adhere. For an optimal magnetic effect, you will need at least 5 coats. In that case, one spray can of magnetic blackboard paint will cover about 0.5–0.6 m².

Before you start spraying the magnetic blackboard paint, please note the following: For best results, the surface must be as smooth as possible and completely dry. Shake the can for 2 minutes before use and spray a test piece first. Next, cover the desired surface area by spraying it from a distance of 15-20 cm. If you want to apply several layers of blackboard paint, let each coat dry for about 10 minutes. The lacquer will be set after 48 hours. Clean the surface with a damp cloth and your blackboard will be ready for use. You can find additional information in the technical data sheet (only available in German) and the material safety data sheet.

Characteristics of DUPLI-COLOR blackboard lacquer

  • High-quality special alkyd resin-based lacquer
  • Matt black tint
  • The magnetic blackboard paint is suitable for interior applications
  • Suitable for metal, wood, stone and various plastic surfaces
  • 100 % free of harmful heavy metals
  • Can be written on with blackboard chalk
  • Allows magnets to adhere (for that, at least 5 coats of magnetic blackboard paint needed)

Technical data

Article ID M-BP-SPRAY/black
EAN 4048500447174
Yield 2 m²
Table of Contents 500 ml
Colour Black
Weight 610 g
After the blackboard colour completely dried the first time, wipe the surface with a damp cotton cloth until there is no more residue on the cloth.

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