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Washer cone-shaped

made of anodised aluminium, in different colours, not magnetic!

Article ID OSC-02
UoS 10 Piece
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These cone-shaped washers made of coloured anodised aluminium are resistant to corrosion and therefore perfect for outdoor use. Thanks to their decorative design and low weight, these washers are popular in model making. They can also be used together with our pot magnets with internal thread.

Please note that screws are not included in the delivery. Suitable cylinder screws are listed under "Recommended Accessories".

Technical data

Article IDOSC-02
Diameter17 mm
Height6.5 mm
MaterialAluminium anodised
Compatible withCheese head screws with hexagon socket (SN EN ISO 4762)
Weight2 g
The cone-shaped washer and the rounded out washer in comparison. Also pictured: The compatible Cylinder screw with hexagon socket M5.

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