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Magnetic holder adjustable for poster frames, holds approx. 10 kg

ferrite magnet system in plastic housing, with adjustable adapter, 180┬░ pivoting angle

Article ID MPH-34
Strength approx. 10 kg
Displacement force approx. 2 kg
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This high-quality ferrite magnet holder for poster frames features a solid plastic housing and a sturdy 180┬░ swivelling adapter, which allows for easy and flexible positioning of poster frames.
Ideal for retail and warehouse use to attach poster frames to shelves without drilling and screws.

Outdoor use may lead to surface rust on individual parts of the magnetic holder, which does not impair the function, however.

Please note: The full adhesive force is achieved when the ferromagnetic counterpart is smooth and of sufficient thickness and when the pot magnet makes direct and full flush contact. Pot magnets already lose much of their adhesive force at a distance of only half a millimetre to the ferromagnetic surface. This characteristic is more pronounced in pot magnets than in other ferrite and neodymium magnets. You can find additional fascinating information on our FAQ page about pot magnet features.

Technical data

Article IDMPH-34
Strengthapprox. 10 kg (approx. 98.1 N)
Length34 mm
Width29 mm
Height38.5 mm
Opening for poster frame8.5 mm
Made inGermany
Weight36 g
PDF data sheet
The special sandwich construction substantially enhances the adhesive force of the embedded ferrite magnets (compared to regular ferrite magnets).

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