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Silicone discs Ø 15 mm

self-adhesive, 60 per set

Article ID M-SIL-15
UoS 1 set
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3.45 CHF

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These self-adhesive silicone discs increase the friction between the disc magnet and the mounting surface and thus increase the magnet’s load capacity in the shear direction. Ideally, the silicone discs can double or triple the adhesive force of a magnet in the shear direction. This increase depends, however, on the individual material pairing, the thickness of the magnets and potentially the temperature and can therefore not be calculated exactly. The silicone discs also protect delicate surfaces from scratches.

You can either glue them directly on the underside of a round magnet or to the metal surface where the magnet will be attached. The strong 3M adhesive ensures long-term hold. The adhesive cannot withstand temperatures above 80 °C over long periods of time, but exposure to temperatures of up to 150 °C for a few minutes should not have an adverse effect. Like all self-adhesive products, silicone discs need to be placed on smooth surfaces, pressed on firmly and then be allowed to rest for best results. All information on 3M adhesive can be found in the technical data sheet (PDF, English).

Prior to using anti-skid pads on a large scale, we definitely recommend performing a few tests.

Technical data

Article IDM-SIL-15
Diameter15 mm
Thickness0.5 mm
Pieces per sheet60 pieces
Adhesive3M, No. 9080A
Shelf life adhesive24 months (approx.)
Weight25 g/set
When a heavy load is applied to magnets in shear direction, the silicone discs may come off the magnets. The silicone discs are not helpful with small or very thin disc magnets since the additional distance of 0.5 mm (material thickness) between magnet and surface may even decrease the adhesive force.
The silicone discs are available in various diameters from 10-20 mm.
Here a test with a S-15-08-N: The adhesive force perpendicular to the surface is 6.7 kg. The adhesive force in shear direction is only 1.45 kg.
With a self-adhesive silicone disc between magnet and steel plate (practically invisible because it is black and only 0.5 mm thin) the disc magnet can hold over 3 kg in shear direction; then it starts to slide down.

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