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Ring magnet Ø 19.1/9.5 mm, height 6.4 mm, holds approx. 7.5 kg

Neodymium, N42, nickel-plated

Article ID R-19-09-06-N
Strength approx. 7.5 kg
Displacement force approx. 1.5 kg
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This neodymium ring magnet with an adhesive force of about 7.5 kg is one of our most popular ring magnets. Two ring magnets repel each other vertically by approx. 5 cm - see photos.

Technical data

Article ID R-19-09-06-N
EAN 7640155436847
Material NdFeB
Shape Ring
Outer diameter 19.1 mm
Inner diameter 9.5 mm
Height 6.4 mm
Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to height)
Coating Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation N42
Strength approx. 7.5 kg (approx. 73.5 N)
Displacement force approx. 1.5 kg (approx. 14.7 N )
Max. working temperature 80°C
Weight 10 g
PDF data sheet
"Levitating" magnet rings
The poles are on the circular surface area - "above" and "below" in this photo.
Ring magnets are not suitable to screw in because they may break. Use Pot magnets with countersunk hole screw-on.
This ring can carry a substantial stockpile of screws.

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