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Rod magnet Ø 6 mm, height 10 mm, holds approx. 1.4 kg

Neodymium, N40, nickel-plated

Item number S-06-10-N
Strength approx. 1.4 kg
Displacement force approx. 270 g
Unit of Sale 5 pieces
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These neodymium rod magnets are already quite powerful with an adhesive force of approx. 1.4 kg. However, thanks to their shape, they are easy to grip and comfortable to hold. Use these rod magnets on magnetic boards, whiteboards or metal strips, for example.

Neodymium magnets are perfect for use in dry indoor areas.

Technical data

Technical drawing of item S-06-10-N
Article ID S-06-10-N
EAN 7640155437325
Material NdFeB
Shape Rod
Diameter 6 mm
Height 10 mm
Tolerance +/- 0.1 mm
Direction of magnetisation axial (parallel to height)
Coating Nickel-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetisation N40
Strength approx. 1.4 kg (approx. 13.7 N)
Displacement force approx. 270 g (approx. 2.66 N )
Max. working temperature 80°C
Weight 2.1 g
PDF data sheet
What to do with the brush if you want to take a break while painting? Simply attach a magnet to the paint can and the brush will rest on it, thanks to its metal ferrule. Other clever tricks can be found on our page "life hacks with magnets".

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