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We stay true to our Swiss location

What started as a one-man-show in 2003 in Uster (ZH), became one of the most successful online shops for magnets in Europe. Despite the growing foreign competition and the difficult economic environment for exporting firms in Switzerland, we stay true to our Swiss location. It is important to us to be able to offer you as a Swiss customer as well as clients in other countries a consistently high service quality. The job security of our staff and partners in Switzerland is very close to our hearts.
We pride ourselves on efficiency and purchase large quantities, which translates into an attractive price-performance ratio.

Customer care and administration in Uster

At our offices in Uster (ZH) we employ 50 motivated staff members, with 26 of them working in the customer care department. Our customer service representatives handle email, phone or fax inquiries and gladly share their broad knowledge about magnets and their applications.
Our purchasing, IT, photography, human resource, accounting and marketing departments are also located at the Uster headquarters.

Warehouse in Frauenfeld

Our products are stored in Switzerland, packaged and shipped from Frauenfeld (TG). Since 2004, we work with Murghof Werkstätten, who take care of the not always easy handling of our super strong magnets. As a sheltered workshop, Murghof offers employment to individuals with psychological disabilities. With this partnership, supermagnete supports the social and professional integration of people who wouldn't stand a chance in the regular job market.
Murghof staff carefully stores, commissions and packages more around 850 orders for us every day. Each package content is checked twice, which is the reason for our very low rate of erroneous deliveries. Thanks to the successful cooperation with Murghof we count on them as a partner in the future as well.

Swiss products

We carry several selected products that are produced in Switzerland, often exclusively for us.
We work with many partners who provide jobs for individuals with physical or mental disabilities. It is important to us to support such companies and Swiss handicraft.

Our products that are "Made in Switzerland":

Fridge magnets:

Office magnets:

Living accessoires:

Magnetic toys:


HANDELSVERBAND.swiss – Swiss Online Garantie

We are a member of the HANDELSVERBAND.swiss, formerly known as the Swiss Distance Selling Association (VSV). We abide by its Code of Ethics and guarantee our customers security and integrity when ordering from our online shop.