Magnet collector

with release mechanism, 100 mm diameter, black
promptly deliverable


This magnetic collector is perfect for picking up small metal objects, which makes tidying up or separating ferromagnetic parts, such as screws, nails, iron filings or needles easy.

Besides picking up metal items in larger areas, the magnetic collector also works well when you need to get metal parts out of hard-to-reach places, such as carpets, cracks or gaps in the floor. Another practical usage: Search the ashes in the fireplace for metal remains (nails, rivets, etc.) so you don't get injured when you wipe it down.

When you pull the inner lever, the collected items are released and can be easily removed from the magnetic bottom side and collected in a container.

Technical data

Article ID WS-PUT-04
EAN 7640155438971
Material Ferrite
Diameter D 100 mm
Height H 180 mm
Weight 490 g