Magnetic bowl collapsible

made of rubber, for nails, screws, bits, etc.
promptly deliverable


This magnetic bowl made of soft rubber can be folded flat to bring with you or store away - it doesn't take much room. When the magnetic bowl is completely folded, it is approx. 3 cm high. If it is completely unfolded, it is close to 9 cm high and has a diameter of 13.5 cm. Even the longest nail stays in there.

The magnet is located in the rubber base of the bowl, which ensures stability and prevents scratches. The magnet traps metal objects in the bowl, but you can also attach the bowl to any metal surfaces in a workshop.

Technical data

Article ID WS-MTR-04
EAN 7640155438926
Material Ferrite
Diameter D 135 mm
Weight 200 g