Tool pouch magnetic small

for nails, screws, bits, etc., with 3 pockets
promptly deliverable


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The magnetic nail pouch from MagnoGrip provides easy access to metal parts or tools while you work. The magnets embedded in the robust polyester allow you to to keep screws, nails or the metal parts on the outside of the pouch while you work. You no longer have to search for metal parts in your pockets or keep them between your lips to have your hands free.
  • Outside magnet to hold on to metal parts (can even hold small tools)
  • Magnetised inside pouch keeps small parts from spilling
  • Ideal for tradespeople and DIYer
  • Compatible with most tool belts

Please note: Tools and screws are not included in the delivery.

Technical data

Article ID WS-MNP-01
EAN 8522910024058
Material Ferrite
Brand MagnoGrip
Height 22 cm
Width 15 cm
Weight 230 g